The Brook & The Bluff // Cherrywood House Show

A couple of weeks ago, a few of my pals in the Cherrywood neighborhood held a house show of their college friends, the talented Alabama boys: The Brook & The Bluff. Here's a peak at the little backyard show, where they played their hits, "Masks, "Straws," and a surprise crowd hit, "Redbone" among others. I was stoked to shoot my first show, especially at my friends' home with a spectacular band.

The Birmingham band formed at Auburn University. The group's band name originates from the member's hometowns in Alabama - Mountain Brook and Bluff Park. 

In 2017, they charted on Spotify's US and Canada Viral 50 Playlists and they have sold out shows in Atlanta, Birmingham and Nashville. After playing the show in Austin and Dallas, the band traveled up the west coast stopping at the Grand Canyon, LA, Malibu, and Phoenix for a few shows.  This year, they hope to make it to parts of the country they have not visited to play, including the midwest.  They are relocating to Nashville to live, work and play songs. Give 'em a listen here

Erica Tello