A Conversation with Niki Kand // UK Synth-Pop Singer and Collage Artist

Niki Kand is a DIY musical artist and a visual artist based in Liverpool, UK.  She is a creator of gorgeous collage art and synth/dream-pop tunes. Both her art and music both have a classic style, but with an edge.

Her song, "Bleeding Hearts" caught my attention for the hypnotizing vocals blended with the electronic beats. Kand recently released the video that combines an iconic style inspired by French New Wave films and Danish-French actress, Anna Karina.


Here's our conversation about her music journey, art, and her latest single. 

ET: Tell me more about you. Where are you from? What prompted you initially to begin making music?

NK: I was born in Tehran/Iran. My dad is a construction engineer and my mum a housewife. I started having piano lessons at 15 and learned to play mostly classical music. The first few songs I wrote were all short piano pieces. I went on to university and studied painting, as I was so fascinated by modern arts and wanted to become the next Picasso, but soon after graduation I realized music making suited me better as the process has always felt natural and effortless.

ET: Where is your happy place to create new music?

NK: I actually love creating music in the comfort of my own bedroom. It's a little cave that's both dark and quiet. 

ET: When did your music journey begin? 

NK: Songwriting has been more of a hobby for me, and I've been writing for years. I only took it more seriously when I attended a music college. It's been about two years since I began making music of my own.

ET:  I love your beautiful collage artwork. Where do you draw your inspiration from to create? 

NK: I love collage art! It's so free of rules, and it's a satisfying way of my artistic expression. What I most like about it is that it enables me to create unreal and strange concepts that are visually appealing. Any little thing can be the source of inspiration to make these images but I mostly search the internet or go to the art galleries to get inspired.


ET: What artists have you been listening to recently? Who are your musical inspirations?

NK: Lately i’ve been listening to Tim Atlas whom I found on YouTube. I like the melodies he makes and "Dive" is my absolute favorite, but there’s a wide array of musical artists that I’m inspired by. The Beatles and Kate bush are my all time favorites. More recent ones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grimes and Muna just to name a few. 

ET: What do you hope listeners and fans take away from your music? How do you hope they feel when they listen to your songs?

NK: I write about real stuff, things that happens in life and we all face these things. I don’t intend to convey a serious message.. It just happens. The process of music making is so much fun and it gives me some space to take a break from reality too.. I think it would be ideal if my music could help the listeners peace from the world for a moment to experience this same type of feeling.


ET: Tell me about your most recent single, Bleeding Hearts. What does it embody? 

NK: Bleeding Hearts is about a destructive relationship that I’m witnessing. I found it very interesting how sometimes we prefer suffering to letting go when it comes to love. The lyrics are just telling the story and there’s no judgment from me. 

ET: When does your album release? Any shows happening soon?

NK: My EP is called Pinkish and it will be fully released by August 29th of this year. I formed a band last month. At the minute we are rehearsing and working on a live set. My gigs dates will soon be on all my social media.

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Check out her video for 'Bleeding Hearts' below.