I developed a ritual of listening that kept me collecting and archiving songs throughout the year. I created a playlist each month based on what was recommended to me, bands I discovered through time, and what I found on festival lineups or Bob Boilen.

Every month's playlist is supremely different, but I see a story of my mood and realize why I was listening to certain things that month based on what was going on in my life or what my ears were captivated by at the time.

I compiled my top (in no particular order) 50 songs that I kept going back to this year. I notice some patterns in my music taste — I realize I enjoyed many songs performed by women (Maggie Rogers, Julien Baker, Overcoats) and my boy band fetish hasn't stopped since Backstreet, except these boy bands seem to be much hipper (Brockhampton, Pinegrove, Duncan Fellows, to name a few). 

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